Programmes for companies and large organisations

TKF training have been working with large organisations in both the public and private sector for many years.  We can help you manage the issue of having large numbers of staff being out of work at the same time from training and development.

TKF have the experience, flexibility and infrastructure to provide a tailored solution for each organisation.  We have our own training facilities and in most cases equipment can be hired from us. We also have an arrangement with a local hotels and accomodation which offers a discounted rate for those who need to stay over.

We tailor training programmes to suit your organisation covering areas such as:

  • Chainsaw courses, Tree Climbing and Aerial Pruning
  • Pesticide Training
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Vehicles
  • Utility Arboriculture
  • Tree Surveys

Not only can we develop employee skills to meet the requirements of ‘Basic Competency’, we can provide further support in developing ‘Proficiency’ in the areas of Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance.

Key Benefits offered by TKF Training:

  • Quality Accredited Training.
  • Flexibility to tailor a training programme to suit your team.
  • Capacity and infrastructure to deliver on any scale.
  • Best people to work with – As we have decades of experience in this industry and understand what you need from your team.
  • Better to do it – Because good quality training provides more peace of mind and improves the safety of the team.

For more information about your sector please browse the links to the right.  If your sector is not listed please contact us for further information on a tailored provision for your company.