Training Services for Emergency Services

TKF Training have been delivering training and development packages for Emergency Treework to suit the needs of organisations providing Emergency Services particularly in the use of the Emergency Services Saw or Rescue Chainsaw.  Effective training and development is essential for Emergency Service providers including Fire Brigades and Police Forces to maximise the potential of their employees, and to help identify and address issues before they occur.

Examples of how we work with our clients:

    • We have developed and delivered bespoke courses to organisations in the Emergency Services sector for the use of highly specialised equipment. We work with our clients to gain the most appropriate awarding body accreditation for these courses.
    • We have developed Fire Service Instructors to become Lantra Accredited Instructors for 4x4 and Rescue Chainsaw.

Not only can we develop employee skills to meet the requirements of ‘Basic Competency’, we can provide further support in developing ‘Proficiency’.

Key Benefits offered by TKF Training

  • Quality Accredited Training.
  • Flexibility to tailor a training programme to suit your team.
  • Capacity and infrastructure to deliver on any scale.
  • Best people to work with – As we have decades of experience in this industry and understand what you need from your team.
  • Better to do it – Because good quality training provides more peace of mind and improves the safety of the team.

It is understood, within the industry, that employees may not work in the same role all year round and proficiency can be difficult to achieve, however, we can offer a skills audit process to determine who needs further training and our refresher courses can quickly bring individuals with basic skills up to speed.

Chainsaw Courses and 4x4 Vehicle training for Emergency Services

Working closely with organisations in the Emergency Services sector, delivering effective training and development in Emergency Tree work and 4x4 Vehicle Training in order to maximise the potential of their employees, enabling them to identify and address issues before they occur.

Delivered by expert trainers in a friendly and stimulating environment, our courses join together formal training and live experience. We keep the groups small so that the delegates benefit from a high level of interaction with the trainers which ensures they end each day with a greater understanding of best practice and safety within their roles.

Our highly skilled trainers and assessors have a wealth of practical experience in a wide variety of areas including: Chainsaw Work, Vehicles, Tree Felling, and Utility Arboriculture. We also have experience in delivering training tailored to suit Roadside and Depot working environments. As the skill set required is often wide we can discuss packages for your grounds team.

In addition to Rescue Chainsaw and Emergency Services Saw training we also offer are First Aid, Manual Handling, ATV's, Tree Survey courses and bespoke Customer Service training. TKF has a proven track record in developing bespoke training events that can be developed to become accredited by national awarding bodies.