HSE Compliance forestry and conservation

It has never been more important for organisations in the Forestry and Conservation sector to be able to prove competency and proficiency, especially when dealing with the HSE. It is becoming a common issue to ensure men and women working in the areas of forestry and arboriculture are properly trained.

It can be difficult to keep up to date with, training requirements to ensure competency and proficiency across a large team of staff, especially when many of those staff may be moving between job roles and or projects that require different skills.

TKF training have developed a FREE White paper ‘Ten Steps (A guide) for HSE compliance for Forestry and Conservation organisations.’

This is the first of a range of documents and tools we will be making available over the next few weeks which we hope will be of value to organisations in the Forestry and Conservation industry seeking to get their ‘house in order’ in terms of being up to date with training, training plans and documentation for dealing with the HSE.

To download the Guide for HSE compliance for Forestry and Conservation organisations click here >>

In addition to this we have put together a some typical Arboriculture and Tree Surgery training packages for those operating in Forestry and Conservation based on our experience of the courses generally required.

Please visit our Chainsaw Courses and Grounds Maintenance training – Forestry & Conservation page for more information and downloads.