4×4 off Road Driving Course (Advanced) – Operating Vehicles in Off Road Adverse Conditions

Course is Lantra Accredited

Who is the course designed for?

This Lantra approved course is designed for users of 4x4s who may seek to tackle some more severe obstacles and sometimes in poor weather conditions. Assessment is over a range of obstacles, identifying and managing risks in a practical manner making reasonable use of vehicular and driver capabilities as appropriate.

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Course Objectives:

To enable course members to:

  • Comply with legal requirements emphasising safe practice.
  • Identify risks associated with using a 4×4 vehicle off road.
  • Select and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Understand the main causes of accidents.
  • Identify the controls and components of the vehicle.
  • Perform pre-start checks.
  • Prepare the vehicle for use off road.
  • Identify and report faults.
  • Perform a failed hill climb.
  • Drive over a variety of terrain (appropriate to the vehicle type)
  • Perform an on-site risk assessment.
  • Identify the loading/towing capacities.
  • Understand legal and practical requirements for off road driving
  • Identify the dangers of vehicle self recovery.

Duration: 2 day + ½ day assessment.

Cost: £397.00 (including VAT)

Pass rates: We achieve 96% pass rates on Chainsaw Maintenance & Crosscutting courses.

Instructor/Trainee Ratio: Max 1:3

For full award and assessment details download the course pdf below:

Lantra – 4×4 Off Road Driving – Advanced

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