TKF Training is happy to announce the recent sponsorship of WODland 2019! And it was such a hit we are hosting the event again in August 2020!

Now that our feet have finally dried & the mud has been wash away. Here is our full video of the weekend to say thank you to everyone who took part in WODland The Awakening.

You were the WODland pioneers & here is to many more events.

Are you and your team ready for WODland 2020?

Held over two days in August 2020, WODland: The New Dawn is an outdoor functional fitness team competition.

Mixed teams of six, three guys, three girls, will battle it out in eight different workouts held across the whole of the weekend. The best performing teams will then face off against each other in final workout to claim a place on the winners’ WODland podium.

Designed to push the teams to the limits of their fitness, the WODland workouts will take place in a unique hidden tree-lined arena, specially created in the middle of a Yorkshire pine forest.

There’ll be food, drink, music, onsite parking, camping facilities and bucketloads of atmosphere. All you need to bring is your team – oh and plenty of strength and stamina.

Team spaces are limited, so be quick. Grab five friends, get signed up, get involved!

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What to expect?

The WODland workouts are all team workouts – with an emphasis on the ‘teamwork’ – designed to test all types of functional fitness – with an emphasis on the ‘fun’.

Precise details of the seven workouts (plus final) involved will be released on the day / night of the event, but expect the WODland workouts to combine all aspects of functional fitness, including lifting, shifting, carrying, dragging, running, sprinting, cycling, and climbing.

The events will be designed to test not only fitness, strength, and stamina, but teamwork, timing, and strategy. So it will be the teams that work together the best that will succeed in WODland, not just the fittest or strongest.

You can visit our ‘workouts’ page to see a sample of the type of movements you will be expected to complete as a team at the weekend, these are also a great way of practicing working as a team in the run up to the event.

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Where is WODland?

The WODland arena is cut right into the trees of a pine forest outside of Holmfirth in West Yorkshire.

Seriously – you’ll have never seen or competed anywhere like this before.

WODland HQ
Holme Styes Wood, Bare Bones Road, Holmfirth
near: HD9 2DE

Phone: 0785 4035 406