Funding for Tree Surgery Courses

TKF Training is fortunate to be an approved provider to ELCAS and is therefore able to offer a range of ELC funded Arborist and chainsaw courses to service leavers.

Courses include:

  • TKF Basic Arborist – (Cutting Trees with a Chainsaw, Accessing and felling Trees, Aerial tree Pruning and Emergency Tree Work)
  • TKF Advanced Groundsperson – (Felling and Processing trees over 380mm, Assisted Felling, user of a powered pole pruner)
  • Advanced Arborist – (Safe use of a stumpgrinder, Use of a Chainsaw from MEWP, Aerial Tree pruning and rigging)

The ELC scheme is an initiative to develop lifelong learning opportunities for members of the armed forces and now provides a great opportunity for a career in Arboriculture.

More information on the funded courses can be found here>>