Specialised Vehicle Driving Accreditation – Tips and Guidance

Why do I need accreditation to drive special vehicles?

Workers must be adequately trained and competent to carry out their job safely. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 places general duties on employers and the self-employed. It may also negate your Public Liability Insurance if you’re not deemed competent and proficient when carrying out works. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)also requires users of equipment to receive adequate training. Further information can be found at:

What sort of course should I do?

Depending on the type of vehicle you are driving there is usually a course to provide specific training for the kind of vehicle whether it is a fork lift truck or a tractor or a quad.  So the type of training is easy to determine but what may not be so obvious is the level of training you may require.  For example, you can take a standard 4×4 Off Road Training Course or, if you already have some training in 4×4 driving an course for experienced 4×4 off road drivers may be more appropriate.  Similarly, if you are learning to use a Sit Astride ATV and have no experience a 2 or 3 day course may be appropriate or, if you are already experienced a 1 day course could suit.  The same applies for Dump truck up to 50 Tonne Rigid body courses and Tractor Training Courses.

Where can I do it? Who should I choose to train me?

Always choose an established company and preferably one that is able to offer facilities for you to train in. There are some companies that don’t have their own site and you can find yourself travelling some distance to get to site each day; this will eat in to your training time. Be certain that the providers are accredited with appropriate awarding bodies, usually City & Guilds or Lantra Awards for these types of courses. TKF Training ticks write papers all of these boxes!

How long does it take?

Most courses are 1 to 2 days but Tractor Driving and Dumper Driving courses can take 4 and 5 days of training with a full day of assessment, sp up to 6 full days in total. See the range of Vehicle Training Courses here>>.

What equipment do I need?

In most cases you will need a current driving license and appropriate PPE gear.

Is it hard? (what is our pass rate?)

The pass rate is in the mid to high 90% for candidates training with TKF. As the courses are mainly practical there isn’t a huge amount of classroom based time and most assessments are practical based.

Physical Requirements?

There are no specific fitness requirements but you must also be free from medication or conditions that could affect your safety.

How much does it cost?

The ground Based Operator is £798.95 inc vat
Accessing a Tree, Aerial Rescue and Aerial Cutting – £993.95 inc vat
TKF Basic Arborist – £3341.97 inc vat

TKF run a multitude of training courses please feel free to call or email for more information and prices.

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